Get your tickets for the Murphy’s Outlaw show with me — Bud — at Rock Bar in Scottsdale, AZ, Friday, 2/21/2020.

What can you expect from this show?

Like true musicians, we haven’t started talking about it yet, but you can bet you’ll hear a set or two of Refreshments tunes since Brian Blush and Dusty Denham of Murphy’s Outlaw and I are all founding Refreshments members. That’s three of four founding Refreshments members in one place, for those of you with memorabilia. Some of these songs you might be able to predict, but I tend to prefer rarities and b-sides. We’ll see what surfaces.

Also, Jim Gerke, Murphy’s Outlaw’s lead singer, and I have been in at least three bands together, so you can bet Solemines and Hanson Brothers tunes will be sprinkled throughout.

Also, Drew Bollmann — Murphy’s Outlaw’s bass player and with whom I have somehow miraculously never been in a band— is leading off the show solo acoustic. Drew makes everything sound better, and I can’t wait to hear what he brings to the table.

Moreover, this past summer, Brian and I were screwing around on Facebook, and we accidentally wrote a song called “Johnny Marr.” I liked the song so much I strong-armed Brian into letting me record it for my upcoming solo album, which is being produced by my high school friend Bret Hartley and will be out later in 2020. I suspect you will be the first people outside my house and Bret and Brian to hear “Johnny Marr.”

Finally, I will be lobbying hard for us to cover that night a certain song by an 80s metal band. Wanna hint? Part of their name is in this paragraph!

There will be more, but I think that’s plenty of reason right there to buy your tickets in advance right now.

Thanks, all, and see you in AZ!

Art Edwards is a co-founder of the Refreshments. His latest solo album, Loving Every Other Minute of It, came out in November 2020.

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