Loving Every Other Minute of It Update

Wow, fascinating stuff, that poll last week. Who knew that CDs were still the most popular medium for the people who might buy my album, and that any of you cared about vinyl? Consider me set straight.

This is all good info as Loving Every Other Minute of It starts to take form. We’re exploring options for getting all of you your preferred medium. Assuming expenses don’t get stupid, we’ll make it happen.

It’s probably a good time to fill you in on the album’s progress.

The music is, by and large, tracked, by which I mean all of the guitars, drums vocals, etc. are finished and ready for mixing. The mixing will be handled by my producer and high school cohort Bret Hartley, who is currently homeschooling his children. Still, we are well on track to finish this thing in May, which gives us plenty of time to get it to you by the tentative release date of November 7th. Let’s hope for a happier, healthier world by then.

I listen to the album’s rough tracks every day. It’s definitely more upbeat than my first album Songs from Memory, and I make some attempt to acknowledge and even reference my Refreshments past — by which I mean I try to be funny. As an artist, funny’s been working well enough for me lately.

If I had a wish list, I’d want the album to be useful to people. That is, I want the music to have practical value to folks in the way Fizzy, Fuzzy does. In short, I want them to find a place for it in their lives. You gotta earn that place, but it’s a nice thing for me to think about.

Still, if it’s simply a CD that, ten years from now, I pop into my car player and enjoy as I go from here to there, that’s fine. That’s what I do with Songs from Memory. When I hear that someone else likes those songs, that’s bonus.

Stay healthy, family and friends.

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