Loving Every Other Minute of It Available for Presale!!!

Art Edwards
3 min readOct 5, 2020


The vinyl and CD versions of my second solo album, Loving Every Other Minute of It, are now available for presale at my website.

The vinyl pressing is a limited-edition of 100, and each jacket is individually numbered. I will sell the edition in order from lowest number to highest. Numbers 1 through 4 will go to the four people who made vinyl happen, so we start selling at number 5. In other words, the sooner you order, the lower your number. I will sign each of the vinyl covers unless you ask me not to.

The CDs are not in a limited edition and will ship sooner than the vinyl. If you want the music as soon as possible, this is your best option. The CDs are shrink-wrapped, so I will only sign them (remove the shrink-wrap) if you ask me to.

I suspect all presales will ship by November 1st, but probably sooner so we don’t interrupt the USPS folks who are doing the good work of democracy by sorting mail-in ballots.

I’ll have plenty more to say about Loving Every Other Minute of It over the coming weeks and months.

So, what are you waiting for? Order Loving Every Other Minute of It now!!!

Below is a condensed version of my last email blast, where you’ll find links to Loving Every Other Minute of It music and much more.

To give you an early taste of the album, I’ve posted the album’s single, “Johnny Marr,” at my ReverbNation page.

Here’s another song from the album, “Incident,” which in this version I play solo acoustic. At my YouTube channel, I’ve posted two more tracks from the album played by me solo acoustic.

The official release date of Loving Every Other Minute of It is November 7th, 2020.

Loving Every Other Minute of It will be out in three media formats: limited-edition vinyl, CD, and mp3 download. The vinyl and CDs are available for presale now. The mp3 download will be for sale at bandcamp.com on Friday, November 6th, 2020.

On Release Day (Nov. 7th), I will perform with my friends Bret Hartley, Kevin Leahy, Brian Blush, Jim Gerke, Dustin Denham, and more on Brian Blush’s and Jason Sarratt’s Outlaw Lockdown, which comes to you every Saturday at 7 PM Arizona time as a Facebook Live event.

Both my first novel Stuck Outside of Phoenix and second novel Ghost Notes are again for sale at my website.

All of my books and music are no longer available at Amazon and Spotify.

My latest novel Badge is available through my website as a physical book, and as an ebook at a number of outlets such as Apple Books and Barnes & Noble.

My first solo album Songs From Memory is still available through my website as a physical CD, and at a number of outlets such as iTunes as a digital download.

I’m happy for you to purchase my work wherever it’s sold, but the best way to support me as an artist is to buy these products directly from me.

Laying down the law,


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Art Edwards

Art Edwards is a cofounder of the Refreshments. His latest solo album, Loving Every Other Minute of It, came out in 2020, his latest novel, Badge, in 2014.